This page summarises the pathways available to gain ‘EduBit‘ micro-credentials which count towards the Certificate Higher Education Business (OERu). Study this page carefully to find out what options are available to you and how to achieve them.




Item Link
Exit qualification Certificate Higher Education Business (OERu)
Exit qualification awarded by: The University of the Highlands and Islands
Assessing institution(s) for micro-credentials Otago Polytechnic
Credit-bearing course Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Assessment tasks for this micro-credential IENT103 EduBit

Step 1: Earn the micro-credential for Financing a business start-up (IENT103)

  1. Work through the course materials
  2. Complete the assessment tasks to the required standard specified in the assessment rubrics
  3. Sign up for an account on the EduBits website, locate the EduBit for [[[:Introduction to entrepreneurship/Links/IENT103/EduBit]] Financing a business start-up] and click the “Add to my account” button.
  4. Follow the instructions on the EduBits website to upload your assessment files for each of the EduBit tasks.
  5. Mark each of the assessment tasks as “complete” when you are ready to submit.
  6. Click on the “Evaluate my evidence” button.
  7. Pay the assessment fee by credit card.
  8. If successful, you will receive your assessment result by email; follow the instructions to collect and publish your micro-credential online.

Step 2: Earn the additional micro-credentials for Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Financing a business start-up (IENT103) is one of three required micro-credentials to achieve academic credit for the OERu’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship course. The associated micro-courses and corresponding ‘Edubits’ are:

Course description Micro-course learning materials EduBit links
IENT101 Becoming an entrepreneur EduBit micro-credential
IENT102 Planning a business start-up EduBit micro-credential
IENT103 Financing a business start-up Link to be published soon

  1. Complete the EduBit assessments for each of the three associated micro-credentials to qualify for transfer credit for the Introduction to Entrepreneurship course.
  2. Use your EduBits to request a transcript for transfer credit for Introduction to Entrepreneurship from Otago Polytechnic (you only need to apply for one transcript for all the courses you completed at the respective OERu assessing institution)

Step 3: Earn the Certificate Higher Education Business (OERu)

  1. Complete all the other required courses for the Certificate Higher Education Business (OERu). (This equates to the learning effort required to complete a full year of academic study.)
  2. Gather transcripts for transfer credit from the OERu assessing partners (you only need to apply for one transcript for all the courses you completed at the respective OERu assessing institution).
  3. Apply for the qualification at the The University of the Highlands and Islands to become a credential candidate.
  4. Once all the requirements have been met, including a review of the transcripts from the approved OERu assessing partners, you will graduate with the Certificate Higher Education Business (OERu).

(Note that there may be an administrative fee payable to the relevant institution for issuing a transcript for your credit.)