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OERu offers free access to a competency test for LiDA103 learners to gain the OERu Certificate of Competency in Copyright and Creative Commons Licensing. Successful candidates will receive a PDF certificate via email and a link to download a digital badge.


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In support of the UNESCO OER Recommendation, the OER Foundation has joined forces with UNESCO and ICDE to support capacity development in OER for member states.

This initiative, coordinated by the UNESCO OER Dynamic Coalition, will sponsor free access to the OERu’s competency test for successful learners to gain a PDF Certificate of Competency in Copyright and Creative Commons Licensing.

Preparing for the competency test

The test is designed to assess your competency in the public domain, copyright, and Creative Commons licensing including remix of different types of open licenses. You will need a thorough knowledge and understanding of the following learning pathways:

About the test

The test is administered online and comprises multiple-choice (one correct answer) and multi-choice questions (more than one correct option).

  • Estimated time: 40 – 50 minutes
  • Pass mark: 50% (Don’t guess – marks are deducted for incorrect responses in multi-choice questions)
  • Multiple attempts: Yes, multiple attempts are permitted – we want learners to succeed!
  • Number of questions: 50

Test structure

Each test instance will select 50 randomly generated questions from the question bank as follows:

  • Section A: Copyright (10 True-false questions)
  • Section B: Creative Commons and Public Domain (10 True-false questions)
  • Section C: Copyright (15 Multiple- and multi-choice questions)
  • Section D: Creative Commons and open licensing (15 Multiple- and multi-choice questions)

Pre-test option

We provide an optional pre-test to familiarise yourself with the test environment. This will also provide a rough indication of your knowledge of copyright and Creative Commons licenses. Please note that the pre-test is shorter than the full Competency Test and therefore doesn’t include all the issues required for certification.



  1. Log in or create a new account on the moodle.oeru.org website
  2. Go to the Certificate of Competency link for this course.
  3. Enter the self enrolment key: “oer4all2020” (all lower case)
  4. Follow the instructions on screen to take the pre-test.
  5. If you need more help on registering an account on our Moodle, visit the support page. Please note that there is no charge for this competency test.
  6. Celebrate your achievement by posting a copy of your certificate on your preferred social media channel and share the gift of knowledge with colleagues and friends with a link to the LiDA micro-course series: https://oeru.org/lida