Course announcements

As an open course, registration is not mandatory and all the course materials are available on the open web without password access.

To register on this course site (click on the graphic above), and you will receive course announcements via email. You will also be invited to join the OERu newsletter email list where we share information about new courses. We also publish copies of all the course announcements sent via email in this section of the site. (Click on the “Course announcements” menu bar above to reveal the instructions for each session.)

You may choose to work through the materials at your own pace, or to follow a cohort-based offering that has a fixed start date. If you have joined us after the start date or missed previous email announcements, you can access these from the course announcements section of the course. As we work across multiple time zones, you should follow the course in your own time zone. For example, work through Tuesday’s instructions on your Tuesday rather than converting to the time zone of the facilitator.