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This course will help web content editors and web developers quickly build the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to effectively support an organization’s web accessibility compliance efforts.

This course, on OERu, is self-directed. You can interact with other self-directed learners taking the course here. This course also runs as a moderated offering through The Chang School. You can add yourself to the Chang School Course Notification List and we will send you a note when the course opens for enrolment.


Step 1: This is an open course and you may access all the learning resources without needing to log in. Register an account on this site and enrol in this course if you want to receive email instructions and post comments on the course site.

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Step 2: Explore the course website to find out what the course is about, what is required and where the syllabus, course materials and learning activities are located. Complete your orientation by establishing your own personal learning environment and declaring yourself to the group using your own course blog.

Step 3: Commence your study from the syllabus page. You can study at your own pace or follow the course with the group. Instructions are posted on the announcements page and you can monitor live interactions from the course feed.