The objective of this session is to discuss decision proposals for refining and improving OERu operations.

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Refining and improving OERu operations

Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh
15 mins

  1. Rationalising operational structures (Transnational Academic Practice Advisory Group (working title)) – Wayne Mackintosh (3 mins)
  2. Marketing – Wayne Mackintosh (2 mins)
  3. P2PU Learning Circles – Nico Koenig (5 mins)
  4. OERu quality review project – Adrian Stagg (5 mins)

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OERu structures  |  OERu learner support development  |  MarComs  |  AVI concept  |  AVI User stories  |  Quality review project

Proposals for action drawing on authentic experience

45 mins
Participants self-select to work in one of the groups identified below to develop proposals for action to improve OERu operations drawing on our experiences to date.

  1. Group 1: Redesigning OERu organisational structures – David Bull
  2. Group 2: Marketing the OERu 1st year of study – Joanne Saunders
  3. Group 3: Learner support and implementing AVI – Irwin DeVries
  4. Group 4: OERu quality review project – Adrian Stagg

Group 1  |  Group 2  |  Group 3  |  Group 4  |  Virtual participant group  |  Issues4CEOs
Help for virtual participants

3:00PM3:30PM Report back on proposals for action to improve OERu operations

Facilitator: Jenni Hayman, eCampusOntario
30 mins
4 groups plus one virtual group report back (5 minutes each)
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3:30PM4:00PM Tea / coffee

30 mins