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This course applies the basic principles of effective communication to intercultural communication and challenging business situations, like constructive feedback, conflict negotiation, and crisis management.

Step 1: As an open course, you can access all the learning resources on this course site without a password. You will be able to post on the WENotes live feed, and participate in the general discussion forum as suggested. Register to receive course announcements via email.

Step 2: Explore the course website to find out what the course is about, what is required, and where the syllabus, course materials and learning challenges are located. Complete your orientation by establishing your own personal learning environment and declaring yourself to fellow learners using your own course blog.

Step 3: Commence your study from the syllabus page. You can study at your own pace or follow the course with a group. Instructions are posted on the announcements page and you can monitor live interactions from the course feed.