Academic Writing

So, you have your thesis statement now, but what’s next? In this section we will cover different techniques for supporting your thesis statement and central argument, which means it is time to actually start writing the body of your essay. This section is meant to be an introduction to supporting arguments and we will only be looking at the higher level concepts involved. The mechanics of supporting your arguments with proper sourcing and how to use the work of others will be covered more deeply in the next microcourse, ENGA 103.



The overall purpose of this learning pathway is to learn about different methods for supporting your thesis statement. We will also look at main and sub-points. Your goal is to:

  • Learn to identify main and sub-points in a thesis and transfer this knowledge to your own writing.
  • Differentiate between Logos and Ethos rhetorical appeals, and apply them to your essay.
  • Identify and avoid using logical fallacies.