This is a self-paced course. You are welcome to complete the course at your own pace. However we suggest you may like to complete it in around four weeks, by completing two sessions per week.


Session O: Orientation

Familiarise yourself with the course site and establish your personal learning environment.


Session 1: The Atlantic World in the 1600s

The Atlantic World in the 1600s.

Find out about the Atlantic world at the opening of the early modern period.


Session 2: Global Trade

Global Trade

Learn about the growth of international trade in the seventeenth century in the Learning Pathway ‘Global Trade: Europe, the Middle East and Asia.’

Examine the major economic, social and political impacts of trade in the seventeenth century in the Learning Pathway ‘The Impact of Global Trade’.


Session 3: The Rise of Absolutism

Changing Political Systems and Colonial Conflicts.

Learn about the rise of absolutist political systems, and conflict in the rapidly growing colonies in America.


Session 4: Absolutism

Absolutist Political Systems

Discover how absolute monarchs justified their rule, and the challenges they faced.


Session 5: Reformation and Counter-reformation

Reformation and Counter-reformation in Europe.

Explore how the reformation challenged the authority of the Catholic church and how the church responded.


Session 6: The Spread of Islam

The Spread of Islam in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Learn about the Islamic world during this period.


Session 7: Enlightenment and Revolution

Enlightenment and Revolution.

Find out how the Enlightenment changed the way ordinary people understood the world around them in the Learning Pathway ‘The Enlightenment’.

Learn about the American and French Revolutions, and their global impact in the Learning Pathway ‘Political Revolutions.’


Session 8: Scientific and Industrial Revolutions

Scientific and Industrial Revolutions.

Examine how new knowledge and new technology helped create the modern world.