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Course name: World History: The Early Modern Period (#whme101)

In this course you will learn about major historical developments and events during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This course includes examination of the political revolutions at the close of the early modern period.

Course metrics

Notional learning hours: 40 hours, including preparation for assessment.
Duration: Self-paced.
Assessment: TBA
Formal credit option: TBA
Course: TBA
Credential: TBA

  • MVP award: TBA

Level: Bachelor Degree Level.

What is it about?

The Early Modern period was a time of great change and development in the world. In this period we see the beginnings of many of the social, political, cultural, technological and economic changes that created the modern world. In this course you can examine key developments in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries from a comparative, global perspective.

What will I learn?

In this micro course you will:

  • Learn about the Atlantic World and global networks of exchange
  • Examine the conflicts and changing balance of power in this period
  • Learn how the slave trade operated
  • Discover how colonies and empires were built
  • Learn how the Enlightenment created new ways of thinking about society
  • Find out about the political, scientific and industrial revolutions during this period

What’s involved?

There are 10 learning pathways each containing multiple resources, such as videos, readings and primary source material. Each learning pathway begins with an overview, and concludes with a review quiz.
The learning pathways are:

  • The Atlantic World in the 1600s
  • Global Trade: Europe, the Middle East and Asia
  • The Impact of Global Trade
  • Changing Political Systems and Colonial Conflicts
  • Absolutist Political Systems
  • Reformation and Counter-reformation in Europe
  • The Spread of Islam in Africa, the Middle East and Asia
  • The Enlightenment
  • Political Revolutions
  • Scientific and Industrial Revolutions

The micro-course can be completed in approximately 40 hours, including preparation for assessment.