key points

Meeting details



Aims of the meeting

Theme: Realising OERu’s community service mission – Sustainable learning for development through OER

The purpose of the 8th meeting of OERu partners is to:

  • Share insights and experiences with the implementation of OER at our institutions
  • Plan the next strategic phase of the OERu in supporting learning for development
  • Review progress with the implementation of the OERu 1st year of study
  • Determine operational priorities for 2020


key points

Meeting design and principles of engagement

This is not a conference – it is an open implementation planning meeting which will change the lives of students currently excluded from the formal post-secondary education sector worldwide. The OERu meeting is designed to take the form of a strategic planning sprint aimed at producing outputs in a short time utilising the diverse experience of attendees. Using open methodologies, the proposals for action we generate during the meeting will be refined transparently in the wiki after the meeting.

The meeting agenda is based on the following principles:

  • Build on our OERu decisions, work done to date, and inputs from our open online planning.
  • OERu partners have decision-making autonomy regarding the agenda and implementation decisions.
  • Focus on decisions for the 2020 OERu action plan – hence the emphasis on implementing the OERu 1st year of study.
  • Identify strategic issues for the medium and long term – but avoid the temptation of trying to solve all problems at this meeting.
  • Keep presentations and monologues to a minimum.
  • Avoid unnecessary affirmations or agreements with previous speakers. Contribute when you have something new to add, want to clarify a previous point or table an alternative view or idea.