The objectives of this session are to:

  • Welcome participants to the OERu partner symposium and meeting
  • Articulate the aims of the 8th meeting of partners
  • Get to know the OERu family
  • Recap the OERu journey

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Time Details
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Official welcome from DCU and OER Foundation Board of Directors

15 mins

Wayne Mackintosh, Managing Director, and Interim Chair of the Board, OER Foundation
Welcome from the OER Foundation Board of Directors

  • Mark Brown, Director of the National Institute for Digital Learning, and Ireland’s first Chair in Digital Learning, Dublin City University.
  • Oonagh McGirr, Member of the Board representing a polytechnic partner.
  • Rory McGreal, Member of the Board representing a university partner.

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9:15AM9:30AM Introducing OERu and aims of the meeting

Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh
Theme: Realising OERu’s community service mission – Sustainable learning for development through OER
15 mins

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Record of OERu meetings  |  2019 Consultation meeting

9:30AM10:10AM Participant introduction activity

Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh
Face-to-face and virtual participants are invited to introduce themselves on mastodon.oeru.org.
40 mins

  1. Register an account on mastodon.oeru.org (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Check your email to verify your account.
  3. After verifying your account, log in and edit your display name and upload an avatar image here.
  4. Post a Toot to introduce yourself sharing an observation about OERu and include the #oeru19 plus #introduction hashtag in the body of your post (See example Toot).
  5. Have extra time? Have a go at guessing a few LiDA101 #scavengerhunt images.

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10:10AM10:40AM OERu milestones

Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh
30 mins
Brief history of the OERu and key decisions including brief plenary questions and answers.

  1. Participants create an account on the meeting website at meetings.oeru.org
  2. During the summary, participants are invited to post comments and questions on the OERu Feed page.

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Record of meetings  |  Timeline  |  Issues for CEOs

10:40AM10:50AM Plenary feedback, navigating the meeting site and how to engage

Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh
10 mins
Feedback on questions posted plus brief overview of the meeting site and technologies used for participation and record keeping.
Schedule  |  How to engage  |  Live feed

10:50AM11:00AM Group photo

10 mins

11:00AM11:30AM Tea / Coffee break

30 mins