Course metrics

  • Course name: Art in our world and beyond
  • Course code: ART 103
  • Level: 1st year Bachelor Degree
  • Course: One of 3 micro-courses for ART 100: Art Appreciation and Techniques
  • Notional learning hours: About 40 hours
  • Formal credits: 3 North American credits (after completing the three micro-courses: ART 101, ART 102, and ART 103).
  • Assessing institution: Thomas Rivers University
  • Proposed credentials: Certificate in General Studies

What’s involved?

This course is offered as a micro open online course comprising four learning pathways dealing with art in our world and beyond. You will join an international community of learners interested in gaining specific knowledge and skills in the field of visual art and its practices across cultures.

What prerequisites should I have, if any?

Anyone is free to participate in this ART 103 micro course. An Internet connection and basic web browsing skills are recommended. Learners should have the ability to create a personal blog, post microblog comments, and participate in an open discussion forum (instructions are provided).

Are there different ways to engage with this course?

Ways to study Alin. (2012). Professor Abeer at a Wikipedia workshop led by Campus Ambassadors. [Photograph] Wikieducator. Retrieved from: (CC BY-SA 3.0)

In contrast to typical first-year university level courses, you are invited to engage with this course for any reason in any way you wish. Here are a few possibilities:

  • For your own interest and enjoyment

Read all or any part of the course at your own pace, for your own enjoyment and learning. You are free to complete any number of the activities and challenges as you wish.

  • For possible credit

Study the course more formally, setting up a study schedule that fits your lifestyle and circumstances, and work through the activities and challenges as suggested.

  • For making your own course

All the materials in this course are licensed under Creative Commons to remix and reuse in any way that you wish. This means that you can take some or all of these course components and and reuse or adapt them to your own context and needs. If you do so, however, you must adhere to the Attribution and Share-Alike requirements of the Creative Commons licences under which this content has been developed and assembled.

How can I obtain formal credit for my learning?

You will not receive credit for this micro-course. However, you can contact an assessing institution after completing the three micro-courses (ART 101, ART 102 and ART 103) if you wish to obtain formal academic credit for the entire ART 100: Art Appreciation and Techniques series. You will need to meet the normal university admission requirements of the conferring institution (e.g., language proficiency and school leaving certificates).