In this section, we provide copies of the course instructions sent via email and explain how course announcements work for this micro-course.

As an open course, registration on the course website is not mandatory and all the course materials are available on the open web without password access. We also provide open access to copies of all course announcements sent to learners who opt in to receive course instructions via email.

Where can I access copies of the course instructions for this course?

Here is a list of links to copies of the instructions sent to learners who opted in for email communications:

Session Email
Session 0 Micro-course overview
Session 1 Getting started
Session 2 Establish your learning journal blog
Session 3 Introducing entrepreneurship
Session 4 What makes a successful entrepreneur?
Session 5 Entrepreneur learning challenge
Session 6 Before starting your own business
Session 7 Business planning
Session 8 Business planning learning challenge
Session 9 Understanding financial statements
Session 10 Financing a new start-up
Session 11 Financing learning challenge