Level 5 / 1st year University course assignment

Summary: Formal assessment for credit.
20 hours
Required for those undertaking the course for credit.

Learning Journal: 50% of final mark

  1. Ensure you have completed all the learning journal activities outlined in the syllabus.

5 level framework: 50% of final mark

Apply the 5 level framework to a chosen system

  1. Write a formal report and create a summary presentation for your chosen stakeholders.
  2. These should be created as separate files (i.e. not created in your learning journal).
  3. Cover these aspects:
    • Consider the key issues, opportunities and tipping point issues that have in influenced thinking about sustainability in a chosen setting.
    • Evaluate the relationship between humans and nature and each other in a chosen setting; consider the environmental, social, economical and political aspects.
    • For a chosen project assess the issues for the project and the perceptions of stakeholders.
    • Consider what the future holds in a range of scenarios related to this project setting. Consider the current trajectory, a sustainable one and a regenerative one.
  4. The following must be incorporated into your report:
    • Five level framework.
    • The current challenges and opportunities of the chosen setting.
    • Identify and talk to a variety of stakeholders.
    • Present a vision for the future backcast from principles of sustainable and regenerative success.

Submitting your assignment

  • When complete send your documents/files to Steve Henry: Email Steve.
  • If your learning journal is a document please send attached to an email.
  • If your learning journal is online please email the URL.