Participants in CSF101 reside in different time zones. We recommend that you follow the course in your own time zone. For example, Monday means your Monday and not the time zone where the lead facilitator is located.

Schedule summary

Session Dates
Session 0 Independent study before the course starts
Session 1 Saturday 6 to Tuesday 9 August 2016
Session 2 Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 August 2016
Session 3 Friday 12 to Tuesday 16 August 2016
Session 4 Wednesday 17 to Thursday 18 August 2016

Session 0: Orientation

Familiarise yourself with the course site and establish your personal learning journal.


Session 1: Sustainability is entirely possible

Demonstrate your understanding of sustainability.


Session 2: Understanding systems

Demonstrate your understanding of the concept of systems thinking, in particular Natural Step’s Five Level Framework.


Session 3: From the Holocene to the Anthropocene

Demonstrate your understanding of ecological and social systems and how they are affected by humans.


Session 4: Defining sustainability and sustainable development

Demonstrate your understanding of how the social system works,human needs in relation to sustainability.


Session 5: Assignment

If you are a student seeking formal credit consult the course assignment page.

  • Due Date: Commence work on the Assignment which can be submitted from Friday 19 August 2016. Otago Polytechnic students should consult with their facilitators for the final due date for submission. OERu learners should submit assignments for CSF101 before 30 September 2016
  • Full instructions on the course assignment page.