Most published research is catalogued in discipline-specific databases. For example, PsycINFO is a database that indexes research that has been published in psychology journals. Most databases require subscriptions that are paid for by the academic institution. However, Google Scholar is a research database that Google has created for the public.

Visit Google Scholar and try to find a peer-reviewed article that uses behavioral genetics to study a specific behavior or mental process. You will probably not be able to access and read the article (the journals that publish research articles often also require a subscription) but you will be able to access the abstract. Give your post a clear title (ex. “Behavioral genetics suggests that between 20% and 50% of intelligence is heritable.” LINK). Identify the phenotype that is being studied.

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FYI: In Google Scholar you will likely need to use the Boolean operator ‘AND’ to search for a specific behavior ex. behavioral genetics AND intelligence, or behavioral genetics AND memory (see above)

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