The WOLFRAM Demonstrations Project has a number of psychophysics demos. Visit this page to access the Muller-Lyer Illusion task:

  1. Adjust acuteness pointer to a relatively low level and note the selected level
  2. Adjust the midpoint pointer to divide the horizontal line until you perceive two equal segments
  3. When you think you’ve found the midpoint, select “+” beside the scale and note your error
  4. Complete the task again selecting two more acuteness levels

Based on the data you’ve collected, what do you think the relationship is between arrow acuteness and the strength of the illusion? Develop your hypothesis, and determine whether it is consistent with the conflicting cues hypothesis.

You can either record your efforts in your private learning journal or you can make your learning public on your blog by using the hastags #IPSY102 #MullerLyer. Using these hashtags will allow WEnotes to harvest your contribution and add them to the Course feed.