If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

—Tony Robbins

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Let's Experiment: Introduction

Over the next two pages, you will find a list of experimenter activities that will challenge you to think about the ways in which you have been designing and delivering your course content, as well as the formats, tools, and approaches you have been using. For this module, you will complete three experimenter activities.

If you have finished any of the other Extend NZ modules, think back to your work on them. Do you remember being struck with the desire to “experiment” further as you progressed through the different Extend activities? Have you been asking yourself whether or not you need to update your approaches to learning and teaching, and how you might do this? Are you perhaps worried about introducing a new technology tool and how that might integrate with an existing one you are already using?

This module encourages you to reflect on those curious questions, start experimenting with different tools, modes, and approaches to figure them out, and bask in the eventual glory of the a-ha educational enlightened moments coming your way. You may like to challenge yourself and complete at least one of the experimenter activities using a tablet or smartphone! Yes, it’s possible! Dive deep and get busy experimenting!

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Extend Toolkit

Before you start experimenting, you might like to explore the eCampusOntario Extend Toolkit which includes information on different tools and apps you might like to use. Other collections are listed below, offering dozens of teaching and learning technology tools, with explanations of how and why they might be used in course design, class activities, assessments, and so on. The information found in all of these repositories will give some context for completing the Experimenter activities.