We do not learn from experience… We learn from reflecting on experience.

—John Dewey



It is now time to reflect on what you have accomplished through your experimentation in this Experimenter Module!

Your task: Prepare a detailed written reflection (~1500 words) that includes responses to the questions below.

  1. Which three experimenter activities did you choose to complete and why? Include links to your activities and/or responses.
  2. Identify and explain at least three learning outcomes you acquired from engaging in these activities. How might you use them going forward in your teaching?
  3. You were asked to complete at least one experimenter activity on a tablet or a smartphone.  Identify the activity you did this for, and explain the advantages and challenges of using this tool on a mobile device. Comment on how you might be planning your own assignment that would be done on a tablet or a smartphone.
  4. Using a mobile device, camera, or screen-casting software (such as Flipgrid or Adobe Spark), create a 3-5 minute video of yourself illustrating how, when designing learning experiences in the future, you will use the technologies, ideas, formats, and/or approaches that you experimented with in this module. Include an example of how you would incorporate this new knowledge into a lesson plan. Get as creative as you wish! Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video hosting site that can create a shared link to your video. Include the link for your video in your reflection document.

Please add your reflection to your Extend NZ blog or portfolio, as a new blog post, an uploaded document, or link to a Google doc or similar.