Principles of management 101 is a free micro Open Online Course (mOOC) designed for learners who want to polish their writing skills. This course will help you to:

  1. Outline the principles underlying effective management.
  2. Explain the context, both historical and present, of management principles.
  3. Connect with learners from around the world to gain broader perspectives on management around the world.


Learning outcomes

  • Gain knowledge about the functions of managers as well as analyzing the purpose of management.
  • Understand how the history of management theory has influenced how current theories have developed.
  • Understand the influence of globalization on management, as well as analyze it’s impact.
  • Understand and be able to analyze the challenges of growing a business in the global environment.
  • Understand the role that cultural factors play in the workplace, as well as examine how diversity can enhance the work enviroment.
  • Describe and apply the essential concepts of ethical practices in business.