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Some of you may be studying this micro-course for personal interest, in which case there is no requirement for taking any sort of test or exam. However, if you wish to be assessed or to demonstrate your learning to others, we offer a number of options for certification or formal academic credit towards qualifications. It is up to you to decide which option best suits your needs and situation.

Certificate of participation

Each micro-course has an online knowledge test built into it. The test is made up of 30 to 40 true/false and multiple choice questions, covering the materials included in the micro-course. The test has a 50% pass mark and is marked automatically.

The test is designed to demonstrate engagement in the micro-course; it will be hard to pass without having read and reflected on the course materials.

A certificate of participation could be useful, for example, to give evidence to a potential or current employer of:

  • your commitment to expanding your knowledge in this area, and
  • a basic level of knowledge of the topic.

Please note: the test is not designed to assess achievement at the standard required for a university course, and a certificate of participation will not be recognised by higher education institutions or employers as an academic qualification.

If you pass the knowledge test, OERu will provide you with evidence in the form of an electronic badge (no charge) or a certificate combined with an electronic badge (NZ$10 contribution to cover administrative costs).

For more information on this option, read the certify participation page.

EduBit micro-credential

This micro-course is also associated with an EduBit for Core Foundations of Successful Marketing (PMKT101). An EduBit is a micro-credential offered by Otago Polytechnic with pathways to achieve formal academic credit towards selected qualifications from OERu partners.

The assessment associated with an EduBit requires additional original work and reflection on the learning materials. About 15-20 hours of work is likely to be needed to complete the EduBit assessment successfully, in addition to working through the course materials. On payment of the prescribed fee, the assessment is marked by an assessor to determine if you have met the learning outcomes approved by Otago Polytechnic.

For more information on this option, see:

Academic credit

If you successfully complete the required number of Principles of marketing micro-courses, and corresponding assessments, you will be eligible for academic credit which can contribute towards you achieving a recognised Certificate qualification at the first year, undergraduate degree level. (Note that there may be an administrative fee payable to the relevant institution for issuing a transcript for your credit.)

For more information on the assessments and pathways for credit recognition for Core Foundations of Successful Marketing (PMKT101), click on the qualification options below: