Read Chapter 7 (pp. 241-280), Chapter 9 (pp. 334-345), Chapter 10 (pp. 346-364), Chapter 11 (pp. 366-409), and Chapter 12 (pp. 410-439) of the below.

Chapter 7 focuses on the Renaissance and the Reformation in Europe. Chapters 9-12 discuss the Enlightenment and the political revolutions of the late 18th and early-19th centuries.

As you read, consider the following questions:

  • What was the impact of new religious, social and political beliefs on the peoples of Europe and the Americas?
  • How would you define terms such as Renaissance, Reformation and Enlightenment?
  • What led to the American and French Revolutions?

Hutton Webster, World History, Boston: D.C. Heath and Co., 1921, pp. 241-280; 334-439.

You may also like to review chapters 31-32 of the volume below, which you read earlier when learning about the rise of absolutist political systems. During your review, focus your attention on the sections concerning the Catholic Church, Europe and the Americas.

Jack Maxfield, A Comprehensive Outline of World History, Houston: Connexions, 2011, pp. 565-668.