The objectives of this session are to:

  • Update new members of the OERu family
  • Review progress during 2018 with the implementation of the OERu 1st year of study
  • Update members on the OERu open technology infrastructure
  • Conduct a critical friend review of OERu operations and corresponding progress to inform the strategic plan.
  • Identify meeting priorities.

Agenda (PDF)
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Time Details
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The year in review

Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh
25 mins

  1. The OERu open source, component based delivery platform – Learning on the internet (rather than via a single software application)5 mins
  2. Launch of the OERu 1st year of study – The devil is in the detail (if you want to scale effectively)10 mins
    • Developed and published the OERu Learner support site
    • Implementing an OERu “perpetual academic year” (Automation of course communications and learner relationships management via Mautic).
    • Improved OERu landing pages. Examples:
      1. Course landing page with associated micro-courses: Introduction to project management
      2. Micro-course expression of interest: Roles of the project manager
      3. Learner preferences landing page: Role of the project manager – learner preferences.
    • European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became enforceable on 25 May 2018.
      1. Revised the OERu Privacy Policy
      2. Published OERu Privacy notice
    • Decision to self-host Mautic (unaffordable SaaS pricing model for OERu). (Currently about 13,000 contacts. Since the launch of LiDA101 in March 2018, 20,000 course and related communication emails have been sent via Mautic).
    • Finalised signing of the OERu credit transfer and course articulation agreements for the CERTHE Business.
  3. Soft launch of the OERu 1st year of study – 5 mins
    • Key statistics from the launch of the Learning in a digital age
      1. 703 registered (and 659 unregistered as shown by web analytics) participants from 60 different countries
      2. Site analytics recorded 1,362 users visiting the course websites during the active cohort period, indicating that 48% of visitors chose not to register for course announcements
      3. The top thirteen countries according to the number of registrations were: India, United States, Canada, Fiji, Nigeria, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Uganda, Australia, Egypt and Kenya
      4. The course sites generated 19,839 page views, with 9,083 being unique for the active cohort periods
    • OERu new participant survey data (pdf)
  4. Current and forthcoming courses
    • Introduction to project management (4 micro-courses – current)
    • Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3 micro-courses)
    • Principles of Corporate Communication (3 micro-courses).

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OERu new participant survey  |  OERu 2018 Mid-year report  |  Campaign flow chart  |  Example of OERu credit transfer and course articulation agreement

11:55AM12:20PM A week in the life the OERu’s open source technologist

Facilitator: Dave Lane
25 mins
We will provide insight into

  • the depth and breadth of the OERu’s global technology stack
  • the agility of our software component selection and assimilation process
  • our infrastructure capacity and hosting/software costs
  • ability to scale up to meet demand
  • progress since last year
  • strategic developments with unexpected benefits
  • pending advances

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OERu 2018 Technology update

Critical friend review, priorities and issues

Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh
30 mins
Participants randomly assigned to 4 groups plus one virtual group and tasked to:

  • Identify what the OERu has done well
  • Identify areas where the OERu can improve
  • Agree the top 3 priorities this meeting should address
  • List any issues you would like to be tabled at the OERu Council of CEOs meeting.

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Help for virtual participants

12:50PM1:00PM Group photograph

10 mins

1:00PM2:00PM Lunch break

60 mins

2:00PM2:30PM Report back on critical friend review and meeting priorities

Facilitator: Valerie Peachey, Co-Director u!magine, Division Learning and Teaching, Charles Sturt University
30 mins
4 groups plus one virtual group report back (5 minutes each)
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