Challenge Tasks

  1. Using the course Art Resources, find a work of art, from any culture or time period, and answer the following questions in your course topic discussion forum. Your response should be at least 200 words in length.
    • How would you describe the work in terms of form and content?
    • What artistic role does it play within the culture it was created?
    • Does it take on more than one role? How?
  2. Artistic styles change over time and throughout cultures, yet some forms are repeated despite the changes. We can examine these forms to aid in finding the meaning, or content, in them. Link to images of three works of art from different time periods and cultures via the following hyperlinks. Notice how each one has a repeated formal element similar to the others. In your personal blog or journal, write at least one paragraph, for a total of approximately 200 words, to explain each work of art.
    • What style and category does each work belong to?
    • Do these similarities have ties to a common meaning between all of them, or do you think the meaning for each work is separate from the others? Why or why not?
    • What cultural, religious, or other considerations do you take into account in defining your answers?
Here are the links to the images: