1. Think of an entrepreneurial idea.
    • Ideally, use the business idea you wrote about in your assignment for IENT101.
    • Alternatively, you can use an idea you are already working on, or create a new idea.
  2. Prepare an outline business plan for your entrepreneurial idea, covering your first year in business. This outline could be in the form of a presentation on your business plan or simply notes for yourself on what to include when you come to write the full plan.
    • Use seven or eight headings. You can use the headings suggested on the Elements of a business plan page or similar ones that you have found during your research.
    • Use bullet points under each heading to indicate the key information you would include in each section. (Look back at some of the templates and examples that you have seen in this learning pathway for ideas of what to include, but remember to use information that is specific to your own business idea.)
    • List the appendices that you would attach to your business plan, with a brief note of what information you would include in each one.
    • You are not expected to go into detail in the marketing and finance sections for this learning pathway.
  3. When you have outlined the whole business plan, prepare an executive summary for it, in about 400-450 words.
    • Write this as if it will be read by an external reader. Use full sentences and paragraphs, and use professional language. (Refer to the examples you have found, if you are unsure of the appropriate style of writing.)