Learning output actions

Remember two situations from personal experience when you had to use product-based writing for one and process-based writing for the other. Prepare a blog post of approximately 500-600 words where you answer the following questions for each example:

  1. What was the assignment’s purpose, audience, and how much time did you have to complete it?
  2. Briefly describe your composing process. Talk about the amount of time you spent planning the piece in your head and the amount of time you spent writing it. Try to remember whether you had the opportunity to receive feedback from others before the assignment was due. If not, why?
  3. If at any point in the assignment, you hit writer’s block, what did you do about it? Did you have adequate time, resources, and writing techniques to overcome it?
  4. Who read and evaluated your writing after it was completed? What criteria was the evaluation based on? Did you feel that you did a good job with the piece?

Remember to tag (WordPress) or label (Blogger) your blog post using the course tag: enga101

Note that you can also record your reflections in a written journal, if you prefer, but sharing your insights with your classmates means that you can trigger a discussion that may lead to a deeper understanding as we can all benefit from each other’s experience.