Participants in the English for academic writing course reside in different time zones, so if you are looking for feed back from fellow participants you should keep this in mind.

Session 1



Establish your personal learning environment, familiarise yourself with the course site and introduce yourself to course participants using your course blog.

  • These instructions Dear English Composition 1 participants

Welcome to the English Composition 1 course (Template:English composition 1/General course title/enga101/tag., hosted at the OERu. We aim to help you learn more about writing for academic settings.

These instructions English composition 1/Links/Session0 dates 101.

The OERu envisions a world where all learners will have more affordable access to higher education. This is a pilot offering of this micro-course (see heading below) and we hope that you find it useful.

Introductory Overview

During this introductory session you will familiarise yourself with the {(Template:English composition 1/General course title/enga101/tag course site and meet the course facilitators. You will also establish your personal learning environment and introduce yourself using your course blog.

Course site: (bookmark this page).

Please share the gift of knowledge and help us by completing the optional OERu new participant survey. This information will be used to assist the OERu with the future design of free courses with pathways to achieving credible credentials.

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Pilot offering

The OERu is a charitable collaboration of international institutions committed to widening access to more affordable education opportunities for all. For more information about the OERu, please view our promotional video on Youtube.

This is the pilot offering of the course. We are trialing a few new technologies and you may encounter a few teething problems. We thank you in advance for your understanding and feedback to help us improve our open technologies. Thank you in advance for your understanding and gift of time to help us improve.

The OERu international network will be launching a free first year of study early in the new year leading to two exit awards. Creating Sustainable Futures is one of the courses that will be offered as part of the 1st year of study. Your participation in this course will help us refine our technologies to provide free learning opportunities based entirely on Open Educational Resources (OER) and open source software with pathways to achieving formal academic credit towards recognised credentials.

Learners participating in this pilot course for formal credit (optional), will still be able to prepare assessments for transcript credit from Otago Polytechnic on a fee for service basis.

Welcome aboard and we look forward to seeing you online!

Your facilitators

Session 1


Using the work of others

Learn how using the work of others can strengthen your arguments.

Session 2


Credible sources and where to find them

Learn how to use various search techniques and tools to strengthen your arguments.

Session 2


Quoting, paraphrasing, and plagiarism

Learn how to integrate sources correctly into your essay

Session 3


Citation styles

Learn how to cite your sources correctly.