Citation needed

It’s not sufficient to simply insert quotes in your essay or paraphrase and summarise sources. You need to ensure that all the sources you use to support your arguments are attributed clearly and correctly using the citation style you were asked to use.

Citation styles are systems using a certain set of rules to refer to a source in an academic or scholarly article or book. There many such systems including MLA, Oxford, Chicago, Harvard, and APA. In this learning pathway, you will learn how to use two citation styles: APA and MLA.



The overall purpose of this learning pathway is to learn how to cite your sources correctly. Your goal is to:

  • Learn to identify the type of citation needed.
  • Learn to apply the rules of a given citation style.
  • Learn to format your sentences around the requirements of citation styles.
  • Learn to use signal phrases or words that indicate to your reader that you are referring to a source.