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Course Name: Financing a Business Start-up (IENT103)

This course prepares you for creating a financial report, including the financial aspects of a business startup, interpreting financial statements, and exploring the effects of cash flow.

What will I learn?

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Review introductory principles of economics and how they relate to small businesses
  • Read and interpret basic financial statements of a business
  • Prepare basic financial statements for a business start-up
  • Examine the effects and significance of cash flow for a business start-up
  • Explain why start-ups require finance
  • Identify financing options for new business start-ups

What’s involved?

There are three learning pathways, each containing numerous resources and activities.

The learning pathways are:

  • Principles of economics for small businesses
  • Understanding financial statements
  • Financing a new start-up

What prerequisites should I have, if any?

Anyone is free to participate in this course. An internet connection and basic web-browsing skills are recommended, with the ability to create a blog and microblog account (instructions and self-study tutorials provided.) You are requested to keep a personal learning journal, as reflection has been shown to markedly increase learning.

You will need to be proficient in English language (reading, writing and listening) to participate successfully in this course.

This is one of three micro-courses which together make up the Introduction to Entrepreneurship course. Each micro-course can be studied independently, but we recommend study in the following order because the later micro-courses draw to some extent on knowledge, skills and resources developed in the earlier ones:

Micro-course number Micro-course name and link
IENT101 Becoming an entrepreneur
IENT102 Planning a business start-up
IENT103 Financing a business start-up

All the micro-courses can be accessed and consulted freely online.

What assessment options do I have?

There are various options for assessment and certification of participation. Please refer to the Assesssment Overview for full information.