Stakeholder management

Read the whole of Chapter 5 in the prescribed textbook (Web | PDF) (pages 35 – 44 in the PDF version).

This chapter outlines the main types of stakeholder that could be involved in a project. Remember that it is always possible for there to be types of stakeholder that you have not anticipated, and/or others that you have never worked with, on a project that requires you to consider them.

For a good starting point, the main types of stakeholders are:

  • Senior Management
  • Contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers
  • Government
  • External customers
  • Internal customers
  • Resource Managers
  • Peers
  • Your Manager
  • The Project Team

Some of these are terms that are quite project-management-specific and some will not fit well in different organisations or contexts. For example, the idea of internal and external customers won’t work everywhere. The words are not as important as making sure that you have included everyone that needs to be considered.


From a project that you are familiar with, identify two stakeholders and say what type of stakeholder they are.

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