In this learning pathway you will learn about neurons, the building blocks of the nervous system. You will also explore some of the basics of functional neuroantomy, exploring the structures of the central nervous system and their functions.

This pathway strives to explain the biological mechanisms that underlie behavior and mental events. Given that the human abilities to think, learn, remember, sense and perceive, and even our experience of consciousness, can all be understood in the context of the firing of neurons in specific regions of our neuroanatomy, this pathway provide a foundation for the two other micro-courses to follow.



[Dr. Dukewich provides a brief orientation to this learning pathway on the nervous system.


Pathway Learning Outcomes

By the end of this learning pathway you should be able to:

  • Differentiate the central vs. peripheral nervous system
  • Identify the various divisions and roles of the peripheral nervous system
  • Explain how the electrical components of the nervous system and the chemical components of the endocrine system work together to influence behavior