Introduction to WEnotes activity

This activity is designed to provide an opportunity to practice posting a comment to the Course feed using our WEnotes technology.
In this course you will have considerable freedom in directing your study and learning activities according to your own interests. This is the first Microblog activity for the this micro course and an opportunity to share and connect with fellow learners.

  1. You will need to register on this course site by clicking on the user icon () in the site menu and completing the form. You need to be logged in to post using WEnotes before attempting this activity.
  2. In the Assignment, you will choose a country of your choice from the Asia-Pacific region.
  3. At this time, without making any final choices about your selected country, post a note on what countries are of interest to you, by posting on WENotes below.
  4. Complete the following phrase:
  • I am interested in <insert country here> because …

You must be logged in to post to WEnotes.

(Visit the course feed to read comments from participants)