Welcome to the first open online micro course of four that comprise RRAP100: Regional Relations in Asia and the Pacific, Introduction to regional relations in Asia and the Pacific (RRAP101). In this micro course you will go on your own journey to introduce yourself to the regions of the Asia and the Pacific, and to the idea of relationships between people and places.

3 things you should do before starting the course

  1. Register on this course site by clicking on the user icon ( ) in the site menu.
    This will enable you to submit microblog posts using WEnotes and manage your registered learning journal blog url if you use one. (Note: As an open course, registration is not mandatory and we will post copies of the course announcements on the course site.)
  2. Familiarise yourself with the web site navigation to find out where the:
    • Course syllabus,
    • Learning materials (see learning pathways in the menu above),
  3. Review the:

Study tips

There are a few things you should know about Introduction to regional relations in Asia and the Pacific (RRAP101) course:

  1. Course tag: The course code for Introduction to regional relations in Asia and the Pacific is: RRAP101. Write this down because you can use this tag for your blog posts.
  2. Course feed: The course hosts a live feed where you can monitor posts from WEnotes and participant blog posts using the RRAP101 tag or label.
    • WEnotes is the locally hosted microblog technology for posting comments to the course feed.
  3. Suggested study time: This is an asynchronous course which means you can participate at times which are convenient for your own schedule.

The course is divided into learning pathways, which are part of your discovery of what you want to learn. You can use these as a means to navigate and they contain elearning activities to push your learning further. Please look in the course syllabus to see this structure.
Learners participating in this course for formal academic credit will need to allocate an additional 20 hours required for completion of the final assignment.

You can contact me on marcus.harmes@usq.edu.au