World map showing the countries in the Asia Pacific region

Drawing upon frameworks from International Relations and the Social Sciences, this course provides basic information about, and analysis of, contemporary regional relationships, current affairs and societies in Asia and the Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand.

Attention will be given to the personal and social skills that will facilitate better international cooperation and cross cultural communication in Asia and the Pacific. This course provides students with an appropriate base of understanding and skills to enhance their work and social lives as well as their educational interests and pursuits.



On successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  1. Delineate the main geographical factors influencing human activities in the Asia Pacific regions, including Australia and New Zealand, and the main points of comparison and contrast between these regions;
  2. Outline the growth and dimensions of transnational involvement in Asia and the Pacific;
  3. Explain the factors working towards the growing inter-dependence of states in Asia and the Pacific;
  4. Explain and apply various personal and social skills expected in other regional cultures;
  5. Outline other cultural traditions and regional current affairs;
  6. Apply analytical and problem solving skills by researching and writing assignments;
  7. Apply ethical research and inquiry skills by comprehending and applying referencing norms and practices;
  8. Demonstrate cultural literacy skills by describing, analysing and applying international perspectives using course-specific analytical frameworks.