Word length: 1250 words

Marks: 100

Submission: Attach your submission to an email with subject line RRAP101 Assessment Submission and addressed to marcus.harmes@usq.edu.au

Weighting: TBC

Extended Country Profile

This assignment is linked to the second e-Learning activity. However, if you wish to select a different country for this assignment you may do so.

When preparing the Assignment, students must consult and cite (at a minimum) at least five (5) relevant books, book chapters, or journal articles. These books and journal articles can be sourced online. Remember to look at the ANU e-Press and the Directory of Open Access Journals (see Recommended Reference Materials) when researching your assignment. Your blog posts with useful online sources you accessed may also provide further information. You can also use government reports and websites or similar materials. Students wishing to score higher marks for ‘Depth of research’ should aim to use more than 5 sources.

Papers should be typed using double line-spacing, as well as spellchecked. All assignments must use Harvard AGPS Referencing. The word length for this assignment is 1250 words.

Tip: Consult the marking rubric before you start your answering this assignment.
This assignment allows you to build on your brief country profile completed in the second e-Learning activity. It requires you to write an extended country profile (1250 words) on a country of your choice from the Asia-Pacific region. Your extended country profile should be written in essay format, complete with an introductory paragraph, a well-researched essay body written in paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph that sums up and concludes your findings.

When writing your extended profile, you should seek to address the following discussion points:

  • Provide a paragraph that details the style of government of your country, figures on population and religion, and other general information related to your chosen country.
  • Discuss the history of your chosen country, detailing important social, political, economic or religious factors (you don’t have to discuss all of these – select the ones relevant to your particular country) that have influenced your state. This should be the focus of your country profile and should make up the bulk of your discussion.