The objective of this session is to explore what opposing-yet-complementary strategies OERu can pursue simultaneously in order to be successful.[1]

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OERu wicked questions

Facilitator: Volunteer
30 mins
Wicked questions highlight paradoxical-yet-complementary forces that are constantly influencing behaviors and that are particularly important during change efforts. They expose tensions between the espoused vision of OERu and local institutional contexts.

Question template: “How is it that we are … and we are … simultaneously?”
Example: “How is it that OERu has an award winning OER course, Learning in a Digital Age, and only one partner has adopted the course as an elective for a local degree?”

  1. Working alone, each participant writes down their own OERu wicked question and posts this question on community.oeru.org for record keeping purposes (5 mins)
  2. Working in four small groups, participants identify the most impactful wicked question. (6 mins)
  3. In plenary, the group discusses and refines these wicked questions for brainstorming solutions during the next session (9 mins)

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Submit wicked question  |  Wicked question list  |  Issues for CEOs

15% solutions & referrals to CEO’s meeting

Facilitator: Volunteer
25 mins
15% solutions focus on what each individual person has the freedom and resources to do now in solving a designated OERu wicked question. Solutions outside of what’s within participants’ discretion should be recorded as an issue for the CEOs meeting.

  1. Working alone, each participant generates their own list of 15% solutions and posts suggestions on community.oeru.org (5 mins)
    • Where do you have discretion and freedom to act?
    • What can you do without more resources or authority?
  2. Individuals share their ideas with the group inviting consultation and suggestions (10 mins)
  3. Discuss general recommendations for feedback during the plenary report back (10 mins)

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Group 1  |  Group 2  |  Group 3  |  Group 4  |  Virtual Group (UN: oeru PW: open4all)  |  Issues for CEOs

3:00PM3:30PM Tea / Coffee break

30 mins

Plenary feedback on 15% solutions

Facilitator: Volunteer
30 mins

  1. Participants review and discuss solutions for the wicked questions
  2. Review issues for CEOs

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Issues for CEOs


  1. This session is modeled on the Wicked Questions and 15% solutions published by Liberating Structures under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.