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As you saw in the Video at the beginning of this learning pathway, there are lots of ways in which businesses can raise funding.

It might start with family and friends or crowd-funding, then move on to seed investment, Series A capital, Angel Investors, and Venture Capitalists.


Required reading

Read these resources which discuss the pros and cons of various funding options, and where to get capital for your idea.

  1. Starting A Small Business: Financing Your Business on Investopedia.
  2. 10 Ways to Fund Your Small Business on Entrepreneur.

This video is also very useful. The content here is mainly US-focused, but it is well worth looking at the sites mentioned.

web resources

Resource bank activity

Now’s the time to look seriously at where (and how) you might be able to raise some capital.

Do a web search for “small business funding” or similar, and look for sites which advise where (and how) you could apply for funding. These might be specific to your region or country, or they might be globally available. For example, many countries have networks like the Chamber of Commerce and/or other business networks which can provide useful support and information.

You might look for

  • sites which advise on a general range of options around where to apply for funding (such as a governmental and/or regional business advisory service), and/or
  • sites of actual funders (such as banks, angel investment companies, etc)

Add any useful information to the resource bank below. This should include the URL and title of the site, and the type of funding advice available. Try to add information from at least three different sites.

You will be using these sites in the learning challenge, so they will be useful for you and for your fellow/sister learners.

Add your resources here

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