Quiz 11

Identify the kind of writing required by the following scenarios:

ER = Essay/Report
DW = Descriptive writing
CCW = Comparative and contrast writing
NW = Narrative writing
AW = Argumentative Writing
J = Journal
CW = Communicative writing

  1. CCW You have a summer job as an intern for your local congressman who is running for reelection in the fall. He asks you to research information on various forms of alternative energy that might work in your state.
  2. VW You are planning to appear at a public hearing to represent the Sierra Club. They have assigned you the task of defending their position on building an offshore wind farm in your state.
  3. ER Your boss asks you to produce a marketing report for the development of a new design for an ergonomic computer keyboard.
  4. CCW Your economics professor asks you to research the relative merits of buying free trade coffee.
  5. CW Jane works as an assistant in a doctor’s office. She has been asked to prepare information for a brochure for patients with high cholesterol.
  6. NW You have begun researching the genealogy of your father’s family. In the process you have discovered that some of his ancestors migrated from Ireland to America in the 1840’s during the Great Irish Famine. You decide to write a brief account of that period to share with the extended family.
  7. JW You are making a long dreamed of tour of Italy this summer and want to record your impressions for yourself and for posterity.
  8. NW Isabelle wants to entertain her grandchildren with stories she has been telling for years. In order to preserve the stories for them to pass on, she creates a book for each of them, illustrated with her own watercolor illustrations.
  9. CW You are taking your cousins sailing for the first time. You want to send them instructions about the basics to read before they arrive.
  10. JW You are a new parent and want to preserve the memory of every new event in your child’s life.
  11. NW You are about to go on trial for theft. You need to explain all the facts of the situation to your lawyer so he can prepare your case.
  12. AW You are outraged that American college students pay such a high interest rate on student loans. You decide to write to your congressmen as well as to the editors of your local newspaper.
  13. CW You have been asked by your boss to write instructions on how to troubleshoot problems for new user’s of the company’s latest computer printer.
  14. NW You are planning to attend a writing conference in which everyone is asked to present the story of their life.
  15. RW You are a member of your local beach town’s land use planning board. They have asked you to prepare information on the history of lighthouses along the shore.
  16. RW You are a soldier and responsible for writing details of what your unit experiences out on a mission.
  17. NW You are a soldier and want to write home to your family to let them know what you are experiencing and how you are.