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The institutions of business and industry have helped us achieve significant improvements to our quality of life over the last 250 years. Today, nearly everything we do is connected to economic activity of some sort, and the majority of social and environmental pressures we face arise from the way we run our economies.

The ecological human life-supporting systems of Earth are threatened by technical progress and development of modern industrial systems over the last 250 years, combined with rapid population growth.


Introduction to WEnotes activity

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  2. Take a moment to think about the social or environmental problems that you consider to be important.
    • Why and how do they arise?
    • Who do you consider to be the key actors in bringing about these undesirable (though often unintended) consequences?
  3. Share your ideas on this topic by visiting the Course Feed and read what others think. Put Case for transformation at the beginning of your post to aid reading
    Here are a few example posts to show what you might post:
    • Case for transformation: Share holders require profits which are often at odds with a decent living wage
    • Case for transformation: Greed is destroying habitats e.g. the destruction of the rain forest for palm oil
    • Case for transformation: Politicians think about being re-elected rather than what is needed for the long term
    • Share your own ideas …

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Learning journal activity

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    • Learning journal entries must be a minimum of 100 words.
    • Level 7 students must ensure they are providing critical reflection.
  2. Think about the questions above in more depth and write in your journal.