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Education is the key to life.

—Author unknown


Scholar Activity 1

The educators in the videos express multiple experiences about SoTL. Think about which of the experiences are similar to your own.

From the videos,

  • identify three key characteristics of SoTL that resonate with your professional experience and practice
  • open our editable Keys of SoTL padlet and add your name and three ‘keys’ to the board
  • compare your SoTL keys to ones listed by your Extend NZ peers

Take a screenshot of your contribution to share as evidence for your response to this activity. In the padlet, you may also choose to comment on other responses that strongly align with yours.

As evidence of completion, please add a link or a copy of your response and any reflections to your Extend NZ blog or portfolio. Include any additional ideas you gain from the ‘keys’ that others have identified.