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The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.

—Mark van Doren


Scholar Activity 2

From the list of potential benefits below, pick the top three statements that would motivate you to become more engaged in SoTL activities. You might also consider other benefits that you can think of which are not on this list:

  • Improved outcomes and assessment scores
  • Useful data for assessments, programme reviews, retention strategies, and accreditation processes
  • Staff development opportunities
  • Increased reflection on teaching and learning among colleagues
  • Increased diversity in voice and perspective in your pedagogy
  • Stronger institutional values around SoTL
  • Promotion of new networks among members at institutions
  • SoTL opportunities in the form of presentations and publications
  • Opportunities for outside funding to support programme innovation
  • Renewed excitement about teaching and learning, and greater self-awareness

Return to the Keys of SoTL padlet where you added your Three Keys for SoTL (for Scholar Activity 1). Edit your entry to include the three top motivators you chose from this list. Review and add comments to the motivations contributed by your peers.

Take a screenshot of your list of motivations to share as evidence for your response to this activity, and include any feedback that you receive from others.

As evidence of completion, please add a link or a copy of your response and any reflections to your Extend NZ blog or portfolio. Include any additional ideas you gain from the motivators that others have identified.