Plan brick.jpg
It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.

—Eleanor Roosevelt


Scholar Activity 3

Now we move into the phase of

  1. outlining a research plan for a SoTL project in your area of interest, and
  2. describing your thinking about an area of research interest and a potential framework you are considering.

We suggest you work in a document that will be used for the remaining activities in this module.

  • You may like to make a copy of this SoTL Research Plan template or use the File -> Download menu to save it as a Word document.
  • Alternatively, you may prefer to outline your plan in the form of a flowchart or other visual document.

The important thing is finding something which works for you, while also allowing you to include an appropriate level of detail.

Examine each of the practice resource links provided in the Considerations section of this Module and the UBC SoTL Explorer.

As you work through the steps of outlining and developing your research plan for a SoTL project of your choice, consider using this Discussion Forum to share ideas and ask for others’ thoughts and experiences.

As evidence of completion, please add a link or a copy of your draft plan and any reflections to your Extend NZ blog or portfolio.