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I think. I question. I design. I create. I struggle. I collaborate. I try. I solve. I invent. I reflect. I learn.

—Author unknown


Scholar Activity 6

Now that you have completed your thinking around your project, you can begin to present your ideas to your peers and colleagues.

For this final activity, work through the following steps:

  • Share your SoTL Research Plan with a trusted colleague or critical friend. Talk it through with them, and ask for their feedback. Sometimes, things may occur to you as you’re explaining your thinking to someone else, and that can be a really useful part of the process. Remember that it is OK to make changes!
  • Write a reflective piece showing your thinking from the beginning of this module to the point now where you have planned a research project. Describe your research questions, the prior research you will undertake to inform your research design, your plan of action, and a dissemination strategy
  • Visualise where the project will go. Add an open-licensed or original image to your reflection that represents the direction you intend to go with this SoTL research

Remember to use the Discussion Forum if you’d like to share ideas and/or ask for others’ thoughts and experiences.

As evidence of completion, please add a link or a copy of your final plan and your reflection to your Extend NZ blog or portfolio.