All the resources you need for this micro-course are listed in the learning pathways. A summary of the external readings is provided below.

Learning pathway Required readings
Legal forms of business Choosing a Business Ownership Model
Exploring Business: Section 4.1: Factors to Consider (from Saylor Academy: Course BUS101 – Introduction to Business)
The Sole Proprietorship
Partnerships (see page 15)
Privately-held Corporation (see pages 15-16)
Business ethics Business Law and the Legal Environment: “Chapter 2, Section 1: What Is Ethics?”
New World Encyclopedia: “Business Ethics”
Mitsubishi says overstated mileage for more vehicle models
What Companies Can Learn From Mitsubishi’s Fuel-Efficiency Scandal
Mitsubisi’s Code of Conduct
Uber’s Behavioral Experiment On Drivers May Raise Ethical Questions, But It Is Hardly Unique
Opinion: Four other ways Uber is ethically challenged
Does Culture Matter at Uber?
Did Honest Tea Sell Out to Coca-Cola
Why You Should Boycott Coca-Cola’s So-Called Honest Tea
How Honest Tea Kept Its Culture After Getting Bought By Coke
Professional advisers and mentors Types of business advisers (Queensland Government, Australia)
How business advisers can help (New Zealand Government)
Emmimah Nyalugwe
Beauty therapist
Fruit marketing company
Upholstery business

Vet center
Natural Flooring Company
Software company
Research company
Tour operator
Search engine optimisation company
Food company
Design agency

Business planning The balance: Small business – Why you should create a prototype for your small business
Forbes – 5 cheap and easy ways to prototype your new startup idea
Startup Donut: Writing a business plan
Business Student: How to write the perfect business plan
Presentations Your responsibilities as a communicator
How to create a great investor pitch deck for start-ups seeking financing (Forbes magazine)
30 Legendary Startup Pitch Decks And What You Can Learn From Them (Piktochart)
Presentation Aids
7 Knockout Pitches Every Startup Needs to Watch