This section describes the main element of a project charter and why a charter is important.

These main elements can include:

  1. Identification Section
  2. Objectives
  3. Scope
  4. Major Milestones
  5. Major Deliverables
  6. Assumptions
  7. Constraints
  8. Business Need or Opportunity (Benefits)
  9. Preliminary Cost for the Project
  10. Project Charter Acceptance
  11. Project Stakeholders

Scope management

Read the last part of Chapter 7 in the prescribed textbook (Web | PDF) from the heading “Project charter” (pages 55 – 58 in the PDF version). This outlines the different types of


In the previous section you gave an example of when you became involved with a project or job that had not been given approval (or it had been given approval but not for the way it was being done).

Identify one of the elements above that was missing or not detailed enough, that may have been the cause for the project going off track.

Share which element, and why you think it was the cause.

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