Video Signpost: Choosing your project

This video gives you some advice on why selecting the right project is important. It will also help you understand what you are looking for in an ideal project for this course.

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The key messages from this video are the criteria that your project needs to meet to help maximise your learning, increase your success if you are selecting formal assessment and link your learning back to your workplace. The project you select should:

  1. be temporary with a clear start and end date.
  2. involve at least 3 stakeholders
  3. involve more than one person to complete the project
  4. have some risks involved
  5. have a a set scope of what needs done
  6. be able to be completed within a 12 month period.


  1. Learners planning on completing any of the other micro-courses in the series (i.e. IPM101, IMP102, IMP103 and IPM104) are encouraged to use the same project for each of the micro-courses.
  2. You are free to choose a different project for each micro-course, but this may contribute to a bigger work load because you will not be able to build on your analysis of the project in previous micro-courses.