A value proposition answers your prospect’s question: “What value will I realize if I do business with you?”

A vast majority of sales people and business owners answer this question by providing a rundown of their business qualifications:

  • We serve over 150 customers just like you
  • We’ve been in business for 15 years
  • Our staff of 22 are all very bright and highly committed to serving our customers

As interesting as those pieces of information may be, they’re from the perspective of the seller and do not make it clear to the buyer how they will benefit.

The world of business is fast paced and full of options. As a result, decision makers strive to get a high return from WHATEVER or WHOMEVER they decide to spend their time with.

If your goal is to become a PART of their business conversation, then you need to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunity by being able to deliver a BRIEF, DIRECT, and to the POINT value proposition. And, you need to ensure that your approach emanates from the perspective of your PROSPECT or CUSTOMER.

—Duane Cashin


Creating a Value Proposition

Watch this video by Duane Cashin to gain an understanding of the value of a strong value proposition, and how to create one that works for a product / service of a business. The presenter covers the following:

  • What a customer wants to hear / needs to know.
  • How a product / service can impact the customer’s key business drivers.
  • How a product / service will affect key business drivers such as revenues and cost.
  • Statement of time frame for results.