The objectives of this session are to:

  • Note suggested changes or improvements from prior reading of the OERu credit transfer and course articulation guidelines.
  • Approve the first draft of the guidelines so that the OERu can move forward with the work needed for future adoption of the Guidelines.
  • Agree the next steps towards adoption of the guidelines.
  • Review the data from the input evaluation survey regarding OERu technology considerations.
  • Agree the 2016 technology design decisions for achieving the OERu minimum viable product.

Time Details
Approving the OERu guidelines for credit transfer and course articulation

Facilitator: Marc Singer
20 mins

  1. Note suggestions for improvement
  2. Approve the 1st draft of the guidelines
  3. Agree next steps and activities leading to future adoption of the guidelines by the network.

Webstream OERu Feed
Credit transfer guidelines

Technology design decisions for the OERu implementation year

10 mins
Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh

  1. Technology related design decisions arising from the input evaluation survey (see Q27 & Q28)
  2. Authoring a wiki outline
  3. Publishing a course site

Examples: course outline  |  Course site