The resource bank is a website for learners to share open access resources they find in support of their learning. In this section you will create an account so you can share links to valuable resources you find online.


There is a growing inventory of open access resources available on the Internet to support your learning. The OERu hosts a resource bank repository at bookmarks.oeru.org for learners to share links to credible open access resources they find online in support of their learning at OERu. By sharing useful resources, we all benefit.

You can search for all resources already submitted for Becoming an entrepreneur by previous learners using the course code (BMAN111) as your search tag. When logged into the bookmarks.oeru.org site you can also vote for resources you find particularly useful. There are resource bank activities embedded in the course materials where you will be invited to share links to resources on particular topics. Remember that you can share a link to a valuable resource at any time during the course. Resources tagged with the course code will be automatically harvested for inclusion in the course feed.


Activity: Create your bookmarks account and search for links using the course tag

You will need an account on bookmarks.oeru.org for this course.

  1. Register an account on bookmarks.oeru.org. (See below for additional help instructions.)
    • Note: The antispam code is “oer4all” (all lowercase).
  2. Practise searching for resources submitted for BMAN111

Need help?

Visit the OERu support site for instructions and short videos on how to get started with bookmarks.oeru.org including: