Consider the questions listed below:

Questions Marks
1 Describe the following natural systems (or paste diagrams and then explain how they work) and then summarise human impacts on each

  • The water cycle
  • The nitrogen cycle
  • The carbon cycle
  • The relationship between the biosphere and the lithosphere
5 marks each
Total 20 marks
2 Describe each of the principle of human impacts on natural cycles, with examples from your own life of harm done, and how you are attempting to mitigate that harm. 5 marks each
Total 20 marks
3 Select two ecological tipping point issues and describe why they are most relevant for the country you live in. 5 marks each
Total 10 marks
4 Describe how you would propose to take the issue of greenhouse gases from being ecologically harmful to being regenerative. Please describe using the five level framework from the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development as follows:

  • System
  • Success
  • Strategy
  • Action
  • Tools
10 Marks
5 Describe human needs and then eveluate how well you meet your own needs. 10 marks